Our Church is designed for and committed to the strengthening and deepening of the spiritual lives of its members, thereby enabling them to develop to the highest degree of spiritual endowment attainable in life. (Matt. 5:14-16). If you have ever found yourself lost, lonely, or without direction -like many of us have- our church is dedicated to showing you the God who gave us hope, direction, and stability. Our worship services & bible study continuously enhance our fellowship & relationship with God and man. Our Pastor is committed to the growth and enhancement of our church and our community.

       That is why he reminds us that Our Character Is Defined By Our Service. 

Join Us & Experience the
Awesome Power of Jesus Christ!

Worship Services

Sunday Morning Worship       11:30am
Sunday Evening Worship                2nd Sunday-  6:30pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study        7pm  
Monday Home Mission

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